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¿Cuáles son tus favoritos de Cerys Matthews y Catatonia? ¡Participa en esta pequeña encuesta!

Album favorito de Catatonia

Way Beyond Blue
International Velvet
Equally Cursed and Blessed
Paper, Scissors, Stone

Single favorito de Catatonia

For Tinkerbell
Sweet Catatonia
Lost Cat
You've Got a Lot to Answer For
I am the mob
Mulder & Scully
Road Rage
Strange Glue
Dream On
Dead from the Waist Down
Karaoke Queen
Stone by Stone

Canción cara-B favorita de los singles de Catatonia

He oído muy pocas para opinar
Gyda Gewn
All Girls Are Fly
Indigo Blind
Blow The Millennium, Blow
Acapulco Gold
To and Fro
Do You Believe In Me?
Jump Or Be Sane
No Stone Unturned
Mantra For The Lost
I'm Cured
That's All Folks
Branding A Mountain
Bad Bad Boy
Apathy Revolution
Intercontinental Sigh
Long Time Lonely
Apple Core (Full Length)

Canción favorita de "Cockahoop"

¡Todavía no lo he oído!
Caught in the Middle
Weightless Again
Only a Fool
La Bague
Arglwydd Dyma Fi (ufff...)
If you're Looking for Love
The Good in Goodbye
Gypsy Song
All my Trials

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